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Gourmet Restaurant at the Xalet Bringué Hotel: Andorran Gastronomy.

Cooking is born in the arms of the man who tends the lands,
In the faith that the fisherman has got in his fishing nets. 
Is born from the generosity of the forests, the cattle and the poultry.

Cooking takes life and offers it. 
And so, it must be born with respect for the earth, 
And thus it is linked to its landscapes and takes roots.

To cook, one must feel that strenght that links us to the earth,
One must accept the life that we take with our hands,
And respect it, since it is a gift of the earth.

Gourmet experience in Andorra

Our gourmet restaurant, of delicate atmosphere and elaborate cooking, respects the traditional elements of the high mountain Andorran gastronomy.

Our restaurant develops this essence respectfully into a gourmet experience that will surprise your senses: a gourmet restaurant that delicately combines the Andorran gastronomy with the modern cooking.


Bites of the Andorran gastronomy…

A good alternative to the restaurant is the lounge-bar, where you will find the same quality than in the restaurant, just served differently: to have a light gourmet dinner or to enjoy some good coffee and a gourmet delicacy. Let the temptation win… and taste our gastronomy!

A restaurant with the best views in Andorra

Both the restaurant and the coffee-bar have terraces with stunning views to the Valley of Ordino. The landscapes of Andorra marry, like good wines, our gastronomy suggestions.

In winter, you will be able to have some coffee while sunbathing and admiring the white mantle on the mountains. And in summer, you will be able to take a break between your adventures surrounded by the green mountains: have a drink or taste the Andorran gastronomy in our gourmet restaurant terrace.


In the Xalet Bringué Hotel you will be able to order picnics to take away!