Natural parks
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Natural parks
February, 2024
February, 2024
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Andorra, natural paradise

Natural parks in Andorra

Andorra is a natural paradise, because the forest territory is about 90% of its 468km2 and, also, it has three Natural Parks through the country: the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, the Comapedrosa Natural Park and the Valley of Madriu Natural Park. Nevertheless, far from being a rough mountain country, the beautiful protected Parks in Andorra are open to the visitors with dozens of hiking trails.

Natural parks in Andorra

Sorteny Valley Natural Park: hiking trails, picnics,…

The Hotels Bringué are located in the boundaries of the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, that was created in 1999 in order to better preserve the biodiversity and the Andorran Pyrenees natural and cultural patrimony. Although it has a relatively small extension, with its 1080ha you will find several hiking trails with different heights, difficulties and durations, and also a hut easily accessible. In the Sorteny Valley Natural Park there are uncountable mountain plants species, a botanical garden, medicinal herbs and berries. The fauna living in Sorteny is remarkable as well: chamois, roe deers, wild boars, wild cats, pine martens… And more than a hundred species of butterflies. Definitely, we are in the very limits of a small paradise in the mountains of Andorra!

Natural parks in Andorra

Comapedrosa Natural Park: a trail through the wildest nature in Andorra

The Valleys of the Comapedrosa Natural Park was named after the highest mountain in the Principality, the Comapedrosa Peak (2942 metres high). Conquering its summit is one of the hardest and most thrilling hiking trails in Andorra.

The forest trail that grants access to this park takes from the end of the road to Arinsal. In this park you will find a great variety of plants, fungus, liquens and animals such as the bearded vulture, several types of eagles and little owls, chamois, roe deers, pine martens, wild cats, stoats…

All the natural and cultural richness of the Natural Park is easily accesible, making it perfect for hiking or for a picnic on the mountain, while admiring the contrast between the majestic mountains and the delicate flowers, or the fascinating variety of butterflies.

Natural parks in Andorra

Valley of Madriu Natural Park: a jewel amongst mountains

The Valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror Natural Park was originally a glacier valley of around 4.247ha, which represents the 9% of the Andorran territory. It displays really beautiful spots that reach as high as 2.500 metres.

The valley preserves most of the elements of its natural resources management in the past, and so becomes a living chronicle of its evolution and its use upon time. The valley is also a natural testimony of the history and the traditional culture, life and indentity of Andorra.

In 2004 the Valley of Madriu Natural Park was declared Cultural Landscape World Heritage by the UNESCO.

The acces to this Natural Park is at the road from Andorra la Vella to Engolasters.

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