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What to do in Andorra in summer? Discover the Ferro Route!

24.09.2019 Culture and gastronomy in Andorra

Among the endless activities to do in Andorra in summer, from the Bringué Hotels we suggest you discover the Llorts Mine on the Ferro Route as it passes through Ordino (Andorra).


How is the Ruta del Ferro de Ordino, Andorra?
It is an itinerary that is part of the Ferro de los Pirineos Route. In Andorra, the Ferro Route as it passes through Ordino allows us to discover what the steel industry was like between the 17th and 19th centuries, when it constituted a pillar of the Andorran economy.

The Ferro de Ordino Route is ideal for families: it is not very long - less than two hours back and forth - and it hardly has a slope. Along the Ferro Route you will find the Camino de los Trajineros, La Fragua Rossell, the Llorts Mine, the Romanesque church of Sant Martí de la Cortinada and the Areny-Plandolit House-Museum.

In addition, you will find several artistic works along the Ferro Route to remember the work of men in the steel industry in Ordino (Andorra), such as Els Homes de Ferro, a group of 7 sculptures in human form that you can contemplate during the Ferro Route.


What else to do in Andorra in summer? Night visits to Llorts Mine!
The Llorts Mine dates back to the 19th century and was used, together with other mines in Andorra, to supply the iron and steel industry.

Related to the Ruta del Ferro in Ordino, another interesting activity to do in Andorra in summer is to visit the Llorts Mine. In summer, from Thursday to Sunday, there are night visits inside the Llorts Mine, 30 meters. The visit lasts about 2 hours and it is recommended to bring frontals. An exciting route for the whole family!


Practical information about the Llorts Mine and the Ferro de Ordino Route (Andorra)
The former Rossell Forge has been converted into the Center d'Interpretació del Ferro, which can be visited and from which several activities related to the Ferro Route are carried out. It is located at the exit of La Massana, going up to Ordino.

How to get to the Ruta del Ferro and the Llorts Mine? If you go by car, going up the CG-3 road, leaving La Massana and Ordino behind, go up to the Ordino-Arcalís (Vallnord) ski resort. After the town of La Cortinada and just after Llorts, 200 meters, on the right you will find the Llorts Mine car park.

The phone number to book your night visit to the Llorts Mine is +376 878173.