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March 14: Andorra Constitution Day

11.03.2019 Culture and gastronomy in Andorra

March 14 is traditionally a holiday in the Principality of Andorra: its emancipation is celebrated after gaining independence in 1278.


A little history of the Constitution of Andorra

This is the fundamental law of the Principality, approved on February 2, 1993 and signed by the two Co-Princes of Andorra; the president of the Republic of France and the bishop of Urgell (François Miterrand and Joan Martí Alanis at that time). These two positions constitute the figure of Head of State, and the executive branch is the Head of Government of Andorra.

The Constitution entered into force on the same day of its publication in the BOPA (Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra), on April 28, 1993.


Peculiarities of the Andorran Constitution

The Andorran Constitution was signed in 1993 and ratified by referendum on March 14 of that year.

The Andorran Constitution makes this small country of the Pyrenees a co-principal parliamentarian.

Since then, the Principality has been integrated into international organizations, such as the Council of Europe or the UN.

In its article 2.1, it is declared that Andorra has Catalan as its only official language, a unique case worldwide.


How do we celebrate Andorra's Constitution Day in Andorra?

In Andorra, shops are open every day of the year except 4: Christmas, New Year, Meritxell (Patron of Andorra, which turns September 8 into the national holiday of the Principality) and March 14, the day of the Constitution of Andorra

Being one of the few completely festive days, it is the ideal occasion for Andorran people to enjoy nature, make a getaway, a barbecue in the mountains or a calçotada with family or friends.