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The Andorran gastronomy at the Restaurant of the Bringué Hotel

In the kitchen, the hands of the artisan coexist with the feelings of the artist: these are the two natures of a chef.

The feelings beat, and his ear pays attention to the sound of a frying, or to the rhythm of a boiling.

The aromas, the textures, the tastes… they all flow.


The restaurant team at the Bringué Hotel works for you. Every day. Their hands coarsen, but their hearts grow with every service. This is the way that work must be, with dedication. Cooking is not plain technique. Cooking is to feel that you are at the other side of the restaurant; and to know that we are cooking a very precious moment for you with the tastes of our land, of Ordino, of Andorra.

Restaurant at the Bringué Hotel, tastes of Ordino

At the Bringué Hotel Restaurant, in Ordino, you will be able to taste the authentic mountain cooking of Andorra, in a cosy and warm atmosphere with stunning views: to the Valley of Ordino and to the Andorran gastronomy in every plate that you will be served.

In summer… Restaurant and terrace with the best views of Ordino

When the summer arrives in Andorra, our restaurant opens its terrace-grill to offer you the grilled meats specialties of the Valley of Ordino. You will enjoy the landscapes and our gastronomy, surrounded by the murmur of the Valira River, which falls happily after the snow melting.

Enjoy the warmth of our living room with reading area

After a day enjoying the tourism in Andorra, adventures skiing in the Vall nord or discovering the Ordino Valley, yoy can continue with a moment of relaxation, while enjoying the cozy atmosphere of our lounge with reading area.


At the Bringué Hotel we will prepare picnics for you, so that you can enjoy a whole adventurous day in Andorra!