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Hiking trails with GPS coordinates: Discover geocaching in Andorra!

05.05.2019 Sports and nature

What is geocaching?
Geocaching is the location of hidden treasures at strategic points, usually in natural environments such as those in Andorra, by tracking GPS coordinates that guide the geocacher to the treasure. Although geocaching has been around for more than a decade, this hobby has been extended, thanks to mobile phones with internet and GPS.

Geocaching treasures hidden in the mountains of Andorra
In Andorra, geocaching has been around for a few years now, and there are more and more locations and geocachers that take advantage of their tourist holidays in Andorra to follow geocaching routes in our mountains and our natural parks. Over time, more than a hundred hidden treasures have been added to our valleys, in areas such as the Comapedrosa Natural Park, Pessons Lake, Ordino Bridge, the Church of Sant Joan de Caselles or the Sanctuary of Meritxell.

The 6 treasures of Ordino: Geocaching to discover the natural Andorra with family or friends
The Ordino Comú has also opted for geocaching as an activity to discover the natural environment of Andorra through 6 geocaching treasures in the Parish or Ordino area, very close to the Bringué Hotels.

Before going to search for the 6 treasures of Ordino, at the Tourist Office of Ordino you will find a brochure with indications about the coordinates of the treasure. When the brochure with the 6 treasures of Ordino has been completed, geocachers who return it to the Tourist Office of Ordino will get a prize.

The 6 treasures of Ordino, which are located in six areas of natural interest in the area, consist of three initial treasures that can be found throughout the year, and three best kept treasures, which can only be found in summer, when not There is snow, with tours of up to 30 minutes maximum: a perfect activity that combines hiking and adventure to discover the nature of Andorra as a family.