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Hiking activities and excursions in May in Andorra: Botanical garden of Sorteny Natural Park

25.09.2018 Sports and nature

Andorra offers endless activities and excursions for the whole family: not only in winter and summer, but also taking advantage of the landscapes and fauna and flora characteristic in spring and autumn.

During spring, the Sorteny Natural Park becomes a fairytale valley, full of flowers and butterflies that will offer you an unforgettable family hiking trip.


The splendour of nature in spring, in the Sorteny Valley (Andorra)

In Andorra there is a small valley surrounded by high mountains. The natural, geological, climatic characteristics and the height of the area allow to create a unique ecosystem of flora and fauna that offers incomparable landscapes and an experience of nature. When spring arrives, the flowers - some of them exclusively native - and the hundreds of types of butterflies populate the valley that contains the Natural Park of Sorteny, filling it with life and colour.

The birds and other small animals appear after the dream of the long winter, and the greenery of the Sorteny Natural Park and the sound of the water of the melting waterfalls indicate that it is the ideal time to go to enjoy this wonderful natural environment.


Some hiking routes or excursions available in May in the Sorteny Natural Park

Some of the hiking routes or excursions that can be done in May in the incomparable landscape of the Sorteny Natural Park are the excursion that will bring you closer to the Sorteny refuge - path during which you can observe some of the more than 700 species of plants and dozens of butterfly species. Another activity also consists of following one of the 3 self-guided botanical itineraries indicated as the path of the Squirrel, the path of the Martha and the path of the Grau de la Llosa; and an excursion that will take you to Pla de l’Estanyó (glacier landscape with glacier circus and lake, at the foot of the 2915 meters of the Pic de l’Estanyó).

The variety of landscapes and the difficulty of the different activities allow us to choose the most convenient excursion, from a short walk with the children visiting the botanical garden to the most demanding excursion spending the night in the Sorteny refuge.


Practical information about excursions and hiking activities in the Natural Park of Sorteny ideal for the month of May

When? Excursions from May to October, always consulting the state of the trails of the Sorteny Natural Park previously according to weather conditions.

Where? In the Natural Park of Sorteny, Andorra.

Hiking suitable to go with children? Of course, depending on the age of the children you can choose a route along the forest track, or a slightly more complicated route if the children are from 6-7 years old.

To know more? You can ask for a guided hiking route through the Sorteny Natural Park, to get to know in depth its characteristics, its fauna and its flora. You will be passionate!

Where to eat or dine? The Hotels Bringué are the closest to the Sorteny Natural Park, and we offer 3 restaurants for all tastes:

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Hotel Bringué restaurant, select kitchen in dining room or terrace overlooking the valley.

The restaurant of the Hotel Xalet Bringué, gastronomic experience of the author in a quiet environment.