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Getting to know the Vall de Sorteny Natural Park: hiking route through the lakes of Tristaina, in Andorra

24.08.2019 Sports and nature

The excursion we propose today is one of the most popular hiking routes in Andorra: the lakes of Tristaina.
What does the hiking route offer us to the lakes of Trisrtaina? A contemporary monument to admire, a family route in the natural and mountain environment of Ordino, a bathing area in summer... Read on!


How to get to the start of the Tristaina Lakes Walking Route
The beginning of this hiking route has a very easy access: you have to take the CG-3 road of Andorra, after passing through Ordino and El Serrat, in the direction of the ski resort of Vallnord Ordino Arcalís and the Natural Park of Vall de Sorteny.
On this road, before reaching the car park, there is a large circular monument at the foot of the road, the O of Ordino, some 4 metres in diameter.
Once we have reached the Arcalís sector, in the restaurant La Coma and surroundings there are signs and a large car park to park and get close to the lakes of Tristaina.

An ideal hiking route for everyone: a family excursion to the lakes of Tristaina.
The charm of this hiking route in Andorra lies in the fact that it is easy to reach a spectacular natural environment: these three lakes located in a circus of mountains, among which we highlight the Pico de Tristaina, 2878 meters high.
Both from the signs of the route of the lakes Tristaina and from the restaurant La Coma we can leave on paths that lead to the first lake. The roads are marked with yellow marks and stone milestones. In addition, since the car park is already 2225 metres high, the path is of low difficulty and ideal for families, with a maximum difference in height of 220 metres.
If you want to do the whole route by the three lakes of Tristaina, it is a circular hiking route of about 2 hours 40 minutes. We arrive at the first lake (Estany Primer) in a matter of about 20 minutes, located at 2250 meters. At about 2300 metres, we find the second lake (Estany del Mig), and then the third lake (Estany de Més Amunt), which is 2878 metres away.

Practical information about the trekking route of the lakes of Tristaina in Andorra

  •  This Andorran route has public access in summer, and is scheduled to open in early June, after the snow and melting season in the area.
  • The Creussans chairlift is available in the La Coma area for easier access in summer.
  • The total distance is about 4.4 km.
  • It is necessary to be well equipped because, being a high mountain area in Andorra, the weather can change quickly.
  • You can see more information about this tour in Wikiloc.
  • The Caminos de Andorra Guide offers this and 53 other routes in a practical format of cards with a lot of information. It can be purchased at Andorra's Tourist Offices and is highly recommended if you like hiking.

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