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What to do with children in winter in Andorra? Easy snowshoe routes in Ordino

12.01.2019 Skiing and winter sports

We already know that the Vallnord ski resorts are very prepared with the best facilities to come to ski with children in Andorra: spaces dedicated to the little ones, personalized classes, ski equipment for the whole family, children's activities... Endless things to do with children.

But if you are planning a getaway or a holiday in the snow with children and you wonder what to do with children in winter in Andorra, the options are endless.

The activity that we propose today to do with children in winter: a snowshoe route for the whole family.


Why a snowshoe route with children in Andorra?

In winter, our mountains are covered with snow and give way to activities just as fun as in summer outside of skiing. One of them is a snowshoe ride, the winter version of a hiking trail. Some advantages:

Snowshoes are attached to hiking boots or sneakers and allow you to walk through the snow without sinking your feet. Suitable for all sizes and, therefore, for the whole family in a very safe way.

Wearing snowshoes and walking in the snow will be fun for the little ones and will allow parents to play sports with children in winter in Andorra.

It is a very nice way for children to discover snow, mountains and their fauna and flora in winter.

Making snowshoeing routes allows you to enjoy the snow and postcard landscapes of Andorra in winter.

On the snowshoe route, you will surely have the memory of that fun family day in Andorra.


1) What easy routes are there to do with children in winter? Sorteny refuge, Andorra, with snowshoes

Perfect route to do with children in winter in Andorra: snowshoes from the Vall de Sorteny Natural Park car park.

Difficulty: This is a route with snowshoes short and easy.

Views: If the day dawns clear you can enjoy magnificent views of the spectacular Sorteny Refuge.

Time: It takes about 45 minutes to go and about 30 minutes to return at most.


2) Other routes with snowshoes to do with children in Ordino: Sorteny -Rialb

It is a very popular route with snowshoes, also within the Sorteny Natural Park. You leave the parking lot to the shelter of Rialb.

Difficulty: suitable for beginners on snowshoe routes.

Views: spectacular views of the Natural Park of Sorteny.

Time: about 4 hours.


3) Other routes with snowshoes to do with children in Ordino: Sorteny - Estany de L’Estanyó

Another route with snowshoes in winter inside the Sorteny Natural Park, which takes us to Estany de l’Estanyó.

Difficulty: safe route, without difficulties except the unevenness

Views: snowshoe route that offers beautiful winter landscapes within the framework of the Sorteny Natural Park.

Time: about 4 hours.

Warning: in winter, many of the summer hiking trails are unfeasible because of the amount of snow fallen, so you have to check previously the routes or roads that do allow snowshoeing and avoid the rest because of the possible risk of avalanches. In Hotels Bringué we will gladly inform you upon your arrival at the hotel about the routes to do with snowshoes available at any time to enjoy the snow with the children with total safety and tranquillity.