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Enjoy the snow in a different way: mountain or cross-country skiing routes in Andorra

27.01.2019 Skiing and winter sports

In Andorra, during the ski season and at the end of it, there is usually an ideal snow thickness to practice mountain or cross-country skiing, a modality that has gained followers in recent years.


Mountain or cross-country ski routes in Andorra 1: Cap del Cubill in Pal

From Pal you will find a road to the ski slopes and the Coll de La Botella. In a sharp curve there is a turnoff to the left (Pla de la Caubella). You can leave the car next to a wooden booth selling tickets, point from which we have access to tracks. Height 1780 meters. Discarding the ski slope, we take a track that goes to the right towards level 2052, through which you can easily reach the Cap del Cubill summit at 2356 meters after leaving the last ski lift behind. Ideal as a mountain or cross-country skiing route with a certain slope.


Mountain or cross-country ski routes in Andorra 2: Arinsal ski resort

From Arinsal there is a road that leads to the station, 1950 meters away. From there we go back west to be able to make the route that leads to Pic del Port Vell at 2656 meters, to Pic del Port Negre at 2571 meters or to Alt de la Capa at 2572 meters. For the latter you have to climb on the left, and to combine these peaks we will go on the right. In both cases, by the valley floor.


Mountain or cross-country ski routes in Andorra 3: Ordino Arcalís

There are endless routes in Andorra: Pic d’Arcalís, Pic Cataperdís, Font Blanca, Estanyó, Serrera, Tristaina...

It is essential to be well informed of the slopes and the paths available for practicing mountain or cross-country skiing, as well as the Andorran or ski resort regulations, as well as consulting the weather forecast and avalanche risk. In hotels Bringué we will provide you with detailed and last minute information for your convenience.