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Do you know the excursions in Gicafer and snowmobiles of La Coma (Arcalís) in Andorra?

10.12.2018 Skiing and winter sports

The area of ​​La Coma de Arcalís, on the ski slopes of Ordino Arcalís (Andorra) is privileged by the quality of its snow and the impressive mountain landscapes.

Therefore, Gicafer Nature Experience offers winter activities in the area of ​​La Coma de Arcalís: excursions in Gicafer and snowmobiles.


Do you feel like rediscovering snow in La Coma Arcalís?

Excursions in Gicafer and in snowmobiles, fondue dinners at 2200 meters high, celebratory meals for groups... We will explain everything you can do on the tracks of Ordino Arcalís (Andorra).


Snowmobile tours along the tracks of Ordino Arcalís, in Andorra

If you feel like rediscovering the snow, Gicafer Nature Experience offers excursions on snowmobiles, where you will enjoy nature and driving a snowmobile.

The Gicafer experience on the tracks of Ordino Arcalís, in Andorra

Gicafer is a caterpillar vehicle whose main function was transport through areas difficult to reach due to snow. Gicafer Nature Experience has transformed this curious vehicle into the most original and safe transport for a night excursion along the tracks of Ordino Arcalís (Andorra).

In this excursion from the tracks of Ordino Arcalís (Andorra) you will be able to know the flora and fauna of the mountains of Arcalís. Inside the Gicafer, the driver guide will explain you about the area of ​​La Coma de Arcalís, and you will also travel La Coma del Forat to the cave of Port du Rat, a half-built tunnel that intended to link France with Andorra where you will see stalactites and ice stalagmites.

The excursions along the tracks of Ordino Arcalís (Andorra) are adaptable, last between 60 and 90 minutes and can be complemented with a very special dinner at the Coma de Arcalís, as we will tell you next day...


Follow Gicafer Nature Experience in La Coma, in Arcalís...

On his Facebook page (where you will see the Gicafer and the snowmobiles), in the blog and contacting Gicafer Nature Experience to book your excursion in snowmobiles or in Gicafer to enjoy the tracks of Ordino Arcalís (Andorra).